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Public Disclosure Notices

The Board of Trustees issues a public disclosure notice regarding a sanction or an adverse action taken on an affiliated institution. The notice includes a history of the institution’s relationship with HLC, the nature of the adverse action, and a brief analysis of the situation that prompted the action.

Public Statements may be issued and posted by HLC when circumstances at an institution trigger inquiries to HLC, or to clarify HLC’s involvement with a situation at an institution.

Current Public Disclosure Notices

Expanding View of Public Disclosure

Public disclosure notices provide information about specific situations at individual institutions, particularly those under HLC sanction. HLC’s website offers the public easier access to current information. In addition, HLC has strengthened its expectations about public disclosure practices on the part of affiliated institutions in its Criteria for Accreditation. Fair and accurate advertising, recruiting, publication of affiliation, use of team reports, and reporting of HLC actions are among an institution’s important obligations to the public.

HLC may also release public statements to correct or confirm a media report, to respond to frequent inquiries from the public or to address other matters.