Higher Learning Commission


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Accreditation Personnel

Peer Reviewers

The Commission relies on a cadre of carefully selected and trained professionals who serve the Commission in its accreditation processes. This group of more than a thousand individuals is called the Peer Review Corps. These volunteers share their knowledge of and direct experience with higher education, their dedication to educational excellence, and their commitment to the principles underlying voluntary accreditation.

Commission Staff Liaison

The Commission assigns a staff liaison to each affiliated institution. This staff liaison serves as the primary resource person to that institution. The staff liaison explains Commission policies and procedures and draws on the skills of other staff members to provide effective assistance and service to colleges and universities.

Accreditation Liaison Officer

The Commission has a policy that creates a new role for each institution: the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). While the chief executive officer continues to be the primary contact point between the Commission and the institution, the adopted policy change allows for the ALO to be a second line of communication about Commission policies, practices, and other matters related to accreditation. The chief executive officer of the institution appoints the ALO.