FAQs Regarding Comprehensive Evaluations During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Accreditation

FAQs Regarding Comprehensive Evaluations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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No, the visit should be conducted on the scheduled visit dates. The schedule allows for the defined time for the entire team to review the Assurance Filing and the availability of the institutional representatives and the rest of the peer review team.

In general, HLC expects that visits will take place over the scheduled dates, per the regular process. However, in the case of a comprehensive evaluation, the evaluation may extend slightly into the afternoon of Tuesday to ensure adequate break time from video- or teleconference meetings for the team and institutional representatives or to accommodate for the local, visiting reviewer who will be driving to campus.

No. Team chairs will work with the institution’s Accreditation Liaison Officer to schedule some of these customary meetings and group conversations as entirely virtual events, using the HLC conference call line or any video- or teleconference technology available at the institution. The visiting reviewer should participate onsite in those activities that cannot occur virtually or those better suited to an in-person meeting.

To promote the safety of reviewers and institutional participants, HLC prefers to have only one local, visiting reviewer on campus for the evaluation.

The peer reviewer can stay overnight and should contact the institution for hotel recommendations.

As usual, institutions will pay for honorarium for all reviewers, and travel costs for the visiting reviewer.

The Accreditation Liaison Officer should contact the institution's HLC staff liaison as soon as possible.

The institution must inform the visiting reviewer of any protocols (masks, test results, etc.) required to visit the campus.

As long as the institution has students enrolled, it can create an opportunity for the team to interact with them in a virtual format to meet this requirement.

No. Institutions may provide any alternative they have available, but if they do not have video conferencing capability, the team can function entirely by using the confidential telephone conference line provided by HLC.