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Peer Reviewer Data Update System

The Peer Reviewer Data Update System (PRDUS) is an online system that allows peer reviewers to provide HLC with their contact and professional information. HLC asks peer reviewers to maintain current information in PRDUS, because this data is critical to identifying peer reviewers with the appropriate experience to serve in various capacities.

Recommendations for Entering Data

  • When entering data in PRDUS for the first time, reserve one hour.
  • Collect the following information in advance to facilitate the data entry process:
    • Start and end dates of employment (major, relevant employment only)
    • Locations and dates of educational experiences
    • A current CV or resume (in PDF format)
  • Provide your name, title and professional experience exactly as you wish them to be shared. This information will be used in various communications with peer reviewers and institutions, and in the online peer reviewer roster.
  • Some required information, such as the name of a peer reviewer’s institution or degree, must be selected from standardized lists. Choose items from these lists carefully.

Log in to the System

PRDUS Login Page


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