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The AQIP Pathway

The Academic Quality Improvement program (AQIP) is one of several pathways leading to reaffirmation of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. Others include the Open and Standard Pathways. AQIP differs from the other pathways in that it is premised on principles of continuous quality improvement, and its various processes and requirements are designed to assist institutions in achieving quality improvement, along with reaffirming the institution’s accredited status with the Commission once every AQIP cycle. Many institutions have reported transforming their quality cultures since embarking on the AQIP Pathway.

Updates to the AQIP Pathway

Comprehensive Quality Review (CQR): Information is now available regarding the new CQR process.

View the Eight-Year Cycle for the AQIP Pathway.

Systems Portfolio Structure and AQIP Categories - This document identifies the revised AQIP Categories (now six in number) and the accompanying revised Systems Portfolio structure. The document includes direction on when institutions may begin using this structure.

AQIP Pathway History

Launched in July 1999 with a generous grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Commission's Academic Quality Improvement Program infuses the principles and benefits of continuous improvement into the culture of colleges and universities by providing an alternative process through which an already-accredited institution can maintain its accreditation. An institution on the AQIP Pathway demonstrates how it meets accreditation standards and expectations through a sequence of events that align with the ongoing activities of an institution striving to improve its performance.



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