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Action Projects

An AQIP institution completes an ongoing cycle of Action Projects that over time constitute its record for quality improvement activities. Strategy Forums assist in this process as do other core AQIP processes such as the institution’s Systems Portfolio. In order to remain aware of the institution’s progress on its quality endeavors and also to serve as a resource to each AQIP institution, the Commission requires institutions to always have in-progress at least three Action Projects. Once a project is completed, AQIP anticipates that the institution will simply begin another, using the knowledge and skills gained from its earlier projects to select, shape, and define the scope of new activities.

The Commission’s AQIP Action Project requirement is central to an institution’s success in the program because it compels the institution to develop the structure(s) necessary to organize and oversee a quality initiative. This process requires broad engagement of faculty and staff in the selection of projects and also through participation on project teams. Moreover the frequency of Action Projects ensures that the institution completes a continuous series of initiatives as opposed to getting mired in lengthy strategic planning processes that are often delayed and never completed. For many institutions, the specific choice of project is less critical than the communication of a shared sense of activity, movement, and purpose. An important result of early Action Projects is a demonstration that shared efforts can improve institutional performance.

The Commission has created an AQIP Action Project Guide to help institutions get started.

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