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Invitation to Nominate Candidates for HLC's Board of Trustees

The Higher Learning Commission invites nominations for candidates to serve on its Board of Trustees. The Board exists to lead the work of HLC in serving its affiliated colleges and universities, to deal with policy matters related to accreditation and to vote on institutional actions. Submit nominations by January 13, 2017.

Please consider the following when nominating a candidate:

  • HLC bylaws require board membership of between 15 and 21 persons, of whom at least three must be representatives of the public and the remainder employed by member institutions. Only individuals from the 19 states that compose the HLC region may serve on the Board.

  • Trustees from member institutions come typically from the senior administrative ranks, particularly the presidency, and from the faculty. Public members cannot be, or have a familial relationship with, current employees, consultants, owners, shareholders or members of the governing board of a member institution or higher education agency.

  • HLC seeks a balance by type and geographical location of institutions and by position, gender, race and ethnicity of individuals.

  • Trustees serve terms of four years, which may be extended for two years and, for the purpose of carrying out specific responsibilities, an additional two years to a maximum of eight. Trustees commit to three business meetings a year with the necessary preparation and attendance at HLC’s Annual Conference.

Nominations will be reviewed by a Nominating Committee of nine persons broadly representative of member institutions. The committee will prepare a slate of candidates, and a ballot will be submitted to the membership for election in accordance with HLC bylaws. All nominations will be held in confidence by HLC and the Nominating Committee until such time as candidates are selected and have agreed to be slated.



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